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The impulse for The Wind in the Pines comes from an ongoing practice started in 2014 that the artists describe as “letting the ghosts come in the space of performance.” To develop this piece the artists draw on Aoki’s Japanese heritage, family stories and memories to create text, animation, sound and an improvisational movement score to become, as she says, “a medium for the residue of family history.” Shaina Cantino: Dancer. Ryan MacDonald: Sound, Animation, text. Alice MacDonald: Dancer. Aretha Aoki: Choreography, text. Christopher Akerland: Lighting.

Teaser Video from Bowdoin College Performance

The End of Men. Joyce Unleashed, Danspace Project, Space Gallery, Colby Theater: Choreographer Vanessa Anspaugh: Featuring an all-male cast, Anspaugh considers the question: “What does feminist work look like without women?” The End of Men delves into religion and ritual to investigate masculine vulnerability and the dynamics of domination and surrender.

2017 Bessie Award Nomination for Ryan MacDonald, Outstanding Music Compostion/Sound Design “The End of Men, Again” at Danspace Project

2017 Bessie Award Nomination for Vanessa Anspaugh, Outstanding Production at Joyce Unleashed/Abrons Art Center

Featuring Sound, Text and Dramaturgy by Ryan MacDonald, performers Gilbert Reyes, Lacina Coulibaly, Massimilliano Balduzzi, Simon Thomas-Train, Jesse Zaritt, Tristan Emanuel Koepke, Tsiambwom Akuchu, Connor Voss, Brandon Washington, Lights by Kathy Couch, Dramaturgy by Susan Mar Landau.

NY TImes Review

Culturebot Review

Zero: 05/21-23, 2015 (excerpt) Animation/sound design for projection in contemporary dance piece by choreographer Aretha Aoki and artist Ryan MacDonald. At A.P.E. Gallery Ltd. (Northampton, MA)

Starting with the assumption that the dancer is a medium for the unknown, The Multiple explores the ghostly presence of actual and imagined beings, and invites the murmurings of past, present and future into the space of performance. A solo edges into a duet, into what is seen and unseen, and into the estrangements and intimacies within and between people and place.

(Northampton, MA) The Multiple, a new interdisciplinary dance work, will be performed at A.P.E. Gallery on Main St, Northampton, on Saturday May 31, 2014 at 8:00 pm.

Funding Support: The Multiple is supported by the Northampton Arts Council.

The Multiple is a collaborative work choreographed and performed by Aretha Aoki and Julia Gladstone with sound, video, sculpture and direction by Ryan MacDonald.

The Turning of Events   at New York Live Arts Choreography by Aretha Aoki
Sound Story and Video Projection by Ryan MacDonald. Performance by Aretha Aoki, Vanessa Anspaugh, Kristina Dobosz, and Line Haddad. Lighting by Vincent Vigilante

Ephemeral Evidence as part of Culturebot at Exit Art Gallery, NY NY

Collaboration with Ryan MacDonald, Aretha Aoki and Kimberly Hennessy, Miranda Huba, Lily Gold, and Jessica Ray

Full-length Armed Guard Garden – by Vanessa Anspaugh from vanessa on Vimeo.

Vanessa Anspaugh questions how we maintain or reinforce difference between ”the garden and the world,” between your land and my land, between human and animal or Self and Other? Armed Guard Garden  looks to the queer body as a site of resistance and to current “occupations” as a way of imagining and critiquing notions of paradise  and “resting place.” The work features performers Aretha Aoki, Niall Noel Jones, Molly Leiber, Lydia Okrent, and Mary Read; Dramaturge Susan Mar Landau; Costume Design by Emily Roysdon; Lighting Design by Vincent Vigilante; Sound Design by Ryan MacDonald; Conceptual Collaborator Cassie Maude Peterson.