3D animation

Song 1142 by Jordan Stempleman      Animation  by Ryan MacDonald. Published at Queen Mob’s Tea House. Models and Animation created using Maya Autodesk. 

Blow the Man Down. Video Animation using both found and constructed 3D objects. Sound, Eric Satie played by Ryan MacDonald, Sound Story and Animation by Ryan MacDonald Read by Matt Lenke. 

Video front page featured artist 11/27/15 at TheWrong.org “The Wrong is the largest and most comprehensive digital art biennale today. Its mission is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience worldwide through a biennial event that gathers the best art selected by the best, while embraces the young talents of today’s exciting digital art scene.”  Story published in The Observable Characteristics of Organisms.

Book trailer for the story collection Camouflage Country by Ryan Ridge and Mel Bosworth from Queen’s Ferry Press.  Animation modeled after the book’s Illustrations by Jacob Heustis. Itchypoo Park by Small Faces. 

Short animation loops